Congratulations Mrs. Lutz - Lewis Award Finalist!

Mrs. Judy Lutz

We are pleased to announce that our very own first grade teacher, Mrs. Judy Lutz has been named a Finalist for the

2017-18 Monsignor Gerald L. Lewis Award for Excellence in Teaching! 


Mrs. Lutz has  26 years teaching experience with the past 14 years as First Grade at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School. 


She “believes that teachers should be passionate leaders that engage their students in learning. Outstanding teachers connect with their students and provide a safe learning environment where mistakes are opportunities to learn. By bringing learning alive in the classroom, I strive to inspire them to develop critical thinking skills and a lifelong love of learning.”


Ms. Lutz, in addition to classroom teaching is also the Assistant Principal of OLPH; member of the School Advisory Board, OLPH Service Club, and School Action Committee for school improvement; mentors new teachers; provides professional development to staff; offers free tutoring; parish Eucharistic Minister; and, hosted African children raising funds for educational services for other children in need.


Congratualtions Mrs. Lutz!!!


For more information on Mrs. Lutz and the Lewis Award, please visit



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