Miss Victoria Pedroza - Music Appreciation

Sing to him, sing praises to him, tell of all his wonderful works!

Psalm 105:2

  • Education:  B.A. Music Performance, Cleveland Institute of Music


                                         Welcome to Music Class!

I once sat next to a man on an airplane, who, upon finishing his Bible study “homework” decided to strike up a conversation with me about what he thought music would sound like in heaven (…it’s going to be magnificent), but what a wonderful gift God has given to us here in beautiful music (like a foretaste of heaven), not only for our enjoyment & comfort, but to use, joining with the angels & saints in heaven, in singing our thanks and praises to Him. 

Our Catholic school gives us an amazing opportunity to do just this. (How great is it to be able to incorporate the rich tradition & fascinating history of sacred music - stretching all the way back into the Old Testament - in our classes!).
Spending time exploring the basics of music theory, history, developing music appreciation, and learning & practicing songs for the weekly school Mass, our students are given an amazing opportunity to have music as a part of their education at OLPH.
I look forward to helping our students discover the beauty of music each week, cultivating in them a love for God’s extraordinary gift! Please explore the different projects we have worked on over the past school year and listen to us sing.

See you at church & school,

Miss Pedroza




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