OLPH Election 2016!

Kyle casts his vote!

This election year has not gone by without our students participating in their own special way!  We have all been learning more about the political process and what it means to run for President of the United States. 

With this in mind, our students have come up with an election of their own!  OLPH students will vote for each Presidential candidate and cast an additional vote for their favorite flavor of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate).  Each morning student representatives will present their position as to why their chosen ice cream flavor is the best and why fellow students should vote in their favor.  The children have even built their own voting booth! 

Once votes are tallied, the winning candidate and flavor will be announced and the ice cream of choice will be served during lunch periods.  This has been a wonderful way for our students to participate and learn more about our country's political system.  Below are some photos of our politicians in action!

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