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St. Cecilia, Pray for us
A while back I read a biography about the Spanish saint, St. Francis Solano, a 16th century Franciscan missionary to South America. He’s often depicted with his violin which he learned how to play as a boy, later taking it on his missions in South America.
Known for his preaching & having lots of miracles attributed to him, St. Francis Solano was instrumental in the conversions of many, many of the Native Americans and frequently would play his violin for them, to their wonder and delight! 
What is it like to experience violin music for the very first time — and to learn to play? Just ask 19 of our students, who have joined our new string ensemble and they will tell you first hand!
We meet after school each Monday and learn to play the violin together; different versions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Immaculate Mary have highlighted our first semester, check back for information about future performances!
-Miss Pedroza


 From the Musicians: My 3 Favorite things about OLPH Strings


  • Caylie (4th): 1. You get to learn new songs 2. There are concerts 3. My teacher 
  • Tamala (2nd): 1. My friends are here with me 2. We learn about famous composers 3. We get a snack after we play
  • Samantha (5th): 1. My teacher 2. You learn a lot 3. Everyone is nice
  • Vivian (7th): 1. I like to play violin with my friends 2. I enjoy playing the songs 3. I like to get prizes when I practice
  • Jacob (K): 1. The music 2. Because the e string sounds good. 3. Violins are good at playing.
  • Jasmine (5th): 1. I get to learn an instrument 2. I get to play with friends 3. Get prizes for accomplished things
  • Samantha (2nd): 1. I have my favorite friends 2. It's fun 3. I like my teacher
  • Libby (PK): 1. I like music 2. I like the a string 3. playing.




Please select the link below to for printable information on the OLPH Strings Program. 

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