School Philosophy

Our Lady of Perpetual Help School is founded upon a belief in the goodness of God and His will to save all. We believe in God's plan of salvation through the establishment of community of people who love one another. The goal of our school is to plant the seed for such community through the development of the whole child spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically.

Special focus is placed on our responsibility to create an atmosphere in which students can feel good about themselves, understand their talents and responsibilities, and want to contribute to improving life by developing these resources.

Because we hold to the above, we:


  • Offer personal experience in Christian living through religious instruction, prayer, guidance, example and liturgical celebrations.


  • Foster a Christian experience in which each child is accepted as an individual and an important member of the faith community.


  • Develop basic skills, especially in the arts of communication and critical thinking.


  • Guide the student toward that spirit of freedom which recognizes self-discipline and personal responsibility.


  • Promote physical fitness and encourage habits, which build and maintain good health


  • Emphasize a sense of responsibility for our nation.


  • Provide opportunities for the strengthening of family life through parental involvement in school functions and activities.