STREAM Initiative

OLPH STREAM Initiative

STREAM comes to OLPH!


This year we are excited to announce the addition of a STREAM initiative to our school curriculum.  If you are unfamiliar with STREAM, it is an acronym for Science, Technology, Religion Engineering, Arts and Mathemathics.  


OLPH will pilot a STREAM program in the Middle School in 2016-17 with plans to expand to the lower grades in the future.  STREAM education programs engage students in activities, projects and problem-based learning which provides hands-on classroom experiences.  Students create, design, build, discover, collaborate and solve problems while applying what they learn in math, science and other core curriculum classes. 


As part of our STREAM Initiative, we look to have our parents offer a window into real-life application.  To that end, we welcome opportunities for our students to see how skills and themes they learn in school are applied in daily life.  We are so pleased that some of our parents have already answered the call!  Be sure to look at "A Look at OLPH" and our "Stream" pages for photos and information on some of those visits.  Our students love this and it enriches our program so much!


We can't wait to see they ways in which our students create solutions to their STREAM challenges.  Here are a few photos from our introductory STREAM Project.  Student were given a materials kit and asked to build the tallest structure they could using only the tools in their kits.  Our winning team created a tower measuring 18 3/4" tall!  Here are some photos of our students hard at work!



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LEGO WeDo 2.0 STREAM Projects


We are so excited to have access to the LEGO WeDo 2.0 Kits and iPads through the efforts of Mrs. Megan Oteri (LEGO Brick Scholars) and the Mrs. Melissa Whitley (NC Wesleyan Collaborative Program).


  Our 4th graders are working on a project that is an enrichment/extension of their Amazing Zoo Animal Internet research and slideshow project in Technology class.  Students will build projects and use code to create models using the LEGO robotic kits.  Part of the lesson will focus on a project titled "Frog's Metamorphosis" in which students will build models to simulate the life cycle of a frog.  The students are already doing such a wonderful job and we could not be more proud of their reponsible use of devices and components. 


Special thanks to Mrs. Oteri (Ben- Grade 2) and Mrs. Whitley for all they have done to make this program available to our students.  The kids can't wait for the next project to begin!

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Our STREAM project for the 2017-18 school year has been so much fun.  It began with a the question of how weather/water impact our world and what can be done to better manage them.  We have studied bridge building and engineering, looked at the impact of weather patterns, and discussed the moral and ethical ideas that surround civil engineering.  Our course will end with a LEGO robotics project in which the students will build and code a robotic water management device.  Students will use the LEGO WeDo 2.0 application along with iPads and will also create a hand drawn background image upon which their robotic water management device will work.  This is one of their favorite activities and they have done a fantastic job throughout the second semester of school.  Here are a few photos of their hard work!

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