NC Opportunity Scholarship 2014-15

What is the Opportunity Scholarship Act?

The Opportunity Scholarship Act allows students in grade 1st through 12th to attend participating private schools.  Families whose income is under a certain limit are eligible to recieve Opportunity Scholarships up to $4,200 per student per year.  A limited number of scholarships are available. 

If you are aware of any family with a student (currently attending a public school) that may be interested in transferring to OLPH, please pass along this information.


  • Students who are currently enrolled in a private school (including OLPH) are not eligible.


  • Families may begin applying online on February 1, 2014




Please click on the link below for details and information on eligibility.

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NC Opportunity Scholarship FAQ's


  • Why is it Needed?
  • What are the Benefits?
  • Who Qualifies?
  • What are the Program Safeguards?


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