OLPH BOB Team Winners

Congratulatons OLPH BOB and eBOB Winning Teams!!!


OLPH students on both BOB and eBOB teams competed in their final Battle of the Books Competion against RMA on Tuesday, May 6th.  After several overtime sessions, both teams won in their divisions!!!  The entire school is celebrating and proudly displaying the new trophies in the school office.  Please stop by and check them out if you get a chance. 

Special thanks to Mrs. Dottie Bryant, Mrs. Donna Gruntmeir and Mrs. Amy Yencho for organizing the program and helping prepare students for the competitions.  They and the students have done an amazing job and we could not be prouder!!!  Here are some photos:



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Welcome to OLPH's Battle of the Books!


Battle of the Books (BOB & eBOB for short) is a reading incentive program for students in grades 4th - 8th.  Students read books and come together to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge of the books they have read.  The competitions are similar in style to the TV series Whiz Kids or Family Feud, but the format of the competitions may vary depending on the needs, resources and personal preferences at the various school sites or at the regional/state competition levels.


OLPH is proud to have won both the BOB and eBOB competitions for the years 2010-11,2011-12, 2013-14, 2014-15!







BOB Reading List
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eBOB Reading List
Click Here for eBOB Reading List