Book Fair Events

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Open January 29th - February 5th


Book Fair Hours: 


  • Sun.  1/29:    10:30 - 2:30PM
  • Mon1/30:    11am - 12:30pm (lunch hours) - 3pm-6pm after school
  • Tue.  1/31:    11am - 12:30pm (lunch hours) - 
  • Wed. 2/1  :    11am - 12:30pm (lunch hours) - 6 - 8:00pm during Family Reading Night
  • Thur. 2/2  :    11am - 12:30pm (lunch hours)
  • Fri.    2/3  :    11am - 12:30pm (lunch hours - Pizza Lunch - 3pm-6pm after school
  • Sun.  2/5  :    10:30 - 2:30pm



Book Fair News - Place Orders Online!


Online Orders:  If you have relatives that want to support the Book Fair or you are unable to come during regular hours, we have an online fair!  The Online Book Fair is open from January 29th to February 12th.   Just click on the link below:




  • Be sure to check out the "Classroom Wish List" for your teacher at the fair.
  • The books the teachers selected will be in the blue bags near the cashier's table.
  • Please select a book, take it to the cashier table, pay for the book, place a name tage in the front cover, and give the book back to the cashier.
  • We will deliver the books to the teachers after the fair.
  • Please do not place the book back in to the blue back.
  • Family Reading Night Info:  Dinner is provided.  Don't forget to RSVP to the school office


Volunteers Needed!  Please contact Kelly Seglar-Vitale at, or 252-544-0628.  Volunteers are needed for the Book Fair and extra help will be needed for both the Book Fair and Pizza Lunch.