Safe Environment for Children


Supervision of Minors

Diocese of Raleigh - Safe Environment Guidelines



This course is MANDATORY if you plan on volunteering/working at OLPH Catholic school in any capacity.

You are required to renew this course every 5 years. 


Note:  This course is now only available online.  Please check the Diocese Website for details.


  • .org
  • Select the "Offices" menu
  • Select "Child and Youth Protection"


Note:  Please complete the course and bring your certification document  before submitting any volunteer/employment paperwork to the Office.


Safe Environment Guidelines:

  • Every minor (under age 18) must be supervised at all times by a parent, a guardian or a supervisor approved by the Safe Environment Program.


  • Unsupervised minors are not allowed at any time - in corridors, rooms or grounds.


  • Parents or designated guardians must accompany minors to and from all programs and services.  Minors may not be dropped off in the parking lot if no supervisor is present.